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church 1820 Gallery built on south side of church

More Detail Pews were bought or rented by wealthy families in the district. There were only a limited number of free seats for ordinary people.

1804 -1850 The Parish Fire Engine was kept in the North Porch
1817 -1856 William Potchett M.A., Vicar
1820 Gallery built on south side of church More info
1834 Churchwardens Joseph Wyles and Mr Walkington advertised newly erected pews for purchase at 10 to 12 guineas.


1801 First Census showed Grantham's population to be 3,300
1815 Richard Hornsby opened his factory on Spittlegate
1831 -1832 St Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church built
1836 First regular paid police force in Grantham, consisting of five men
1838 Charles Dickens stayed at the George Hotel
1840 -1841 St John the Evangelist, Spitalgate, built
1840 Methodist Church built in Finkin St, to replace an earlier one that became too small
1848 St John the Evangelist, Manthorpe
1850 The first railway was built in Grantham, duplicating the route of the canal, to the detriment of the canal



Regency Crowned 1811 Died 1820 1815 Battle of Waterloo Hanover
George IV Crowned 1820 Died 1830 1825 Stockton and Darlington Railway opened Hanover
William IV Crowned 1830 Died 1837 1832 Reform Act Hanover
Victoria Crowned 1837 Died 1901 1851 Great Exhibition Hanover