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1484 Grantham granted charter by Richard III

More Detail Town given right to Wednesday market and mid-Lent fair

1476 -1478 Dom Edmund Coynson - Vicar of South Grantham
1478 -1500 Mag. Thomas Isham - Vicar of South Grantham
1479 Henry Curteys' Chantry
1486 -1511 Dom. William Spenser - Vicar of North Grantham
1490 1490s St Katharyn's Chantry Chapel endowed and owned by Thomas Hall of Hall Place (Grantham House). Built on the North side of the church with a private entrance for the Hall family; carved heads probably those of Thomas Hall and his wife.
1500 -1501 William Marshall - Vicar of South Grantham
1501 -1506 Richard Day - Vicar of South Grantham
1506 -1515 Roger Thurley
1506 Simon Leveret, rich Grantham mercer, gave his best beast to St. Wulfram's
1510 £13.6s.8d given by Henry & Richard Curteys to the chapel of St. Mary to pay a priest as schoolmaster
1511 -1519 John Elton - Vicar of North Grantham
1515 -1516 John Edmund - Vicar of South Grantham
1516 -1550 Richard Sheppard - Vicar of South Grantham
1519 -1535 John Dent - Vicar of North Grantham
1519 -1519 William Pickenham or Packenham - Vicar of North Grantham


1484 Grantham granted charter by Richard III More info
1484 Richard III stayed at the Angel Inn; signed death warrant of the Duke of Buckingham
1485 Henry VII's wife, Elizabeth of York, held Grantham
1503 1503 Princess Margaret stayed at Grantham House on her way to Scotland to become Queen. Her grand-daughter was Mary Queen of Scots. More info


1476 William Caxton - first printing press in England. Books at reasonable price increased literacy
1483 Richard III
1483 -1483 Edward V
1485 -1509 Battle of Bosworth Field, Richard III killed, Henry Tudor became king - Henry VII
1492 Christopher Columbus discovered Americas
1509 -1547 Henry VIII
1519 Magellan's first voyage round the world.
1520 -1600 Move to Protestantism developing in Northern Europe.
1521 Martin Luther - influential German theologian, excommunicated for defying the Pope


Edward V Crowned 1483 Died 1483 One of the little princes in the Tower York
Richard III Crowned 1483 Died 1485 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field York
Henry VII Crowned 1485 Died 1509 1483 Henry VII married Elizabeth of York Tudor
Henry VIII Crowned 1509 Died 1547 1534 Creation of the Church of England Tudor