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1086 Domesday Survey: Church, 4 watermills, population about 1300

More Detail Domesday book Folio 357v The Land of the King. In Grantham Queen Edith had 12 carucates to the geld. There is no arable land outside the vill. Queen Edith had a hall, and 2 carucates and land for 3 ploughs without geld. (There were) 111 burgesses. Ivo has 1 church and 4 mills rendering 12s and 8 acres of meadow without geld. The land of Bishop Osmond. In Londonthorpe ... is land for 2 ploughs. this land belongs to the church of Grantham. In Spittlegate St. Wulfram of Grantham has half a carucate of land to the geld. In Great Gonerby, St. Wulfram of Grantham has 1 carucate of land. there is land for 12 oxen. Folio 370v The Land of Kolgrimr. In Houghton (in Grantham) Kolgrimr has 14 bovates of land. There is land for as many oxen. Fedegaest, Kolgrimr's man, has there 1 plough and 2 mills, rendering 30s and 3 acres of meadow worth 40s. Folio 377.. Clamores in Kesteven (court proceedings regarding disputed title) they say that Northmann some of Nerewine has 7 gardens in Grantham . but the gardens themselves belong to Gonerby. Folio 377v They say that the whole of the customary dues of the church and title of Westhorpe (in Old Somerby) belong to the Church of Grantham as Bishop Osbert claims. Note. Carucate was a measure of land peculiar to Danelaw: it was the basic unit of assessment for land tax - geld. Soke and suke - shared in privileges.

1091 Lands and endowments of the church granted to St Osmund and by him given to his new cathedral at Old Sarum - the beginning of a long association with Salisbury. Salisbury appointed 2 vicars - North and South Grantham
1100 Larger church developed - cruciform plan, possibly 140 feet long, wide nave as now, rounded arches and 6 pillars remain today, narrow side aisles with lean-to roofs. Evidence of clerestory windows


1086 -1086 Domesday Survey: Church, 4 watermills, population about 1300 More info
1100 Henry I's daughter, Matilda, held the manor.


1078 Domesday Survey
1085 -1100 William II - king
1087 Durham Cathedral built
1093 First Crusade - the first of nine wars to liberate the Holy Land from Islamic rule.
1100 -1135 Henry I king


William II Crowned 1087 Died 1100 1100 William II was killed in the New Forest Norman
Henry I Crowned 1100 Died 1135 1120 King's son and heir drowned Norman