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1175 Great North Road comes through Grantham. Prosperity from wool trade

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1175 Narrow aisles added to the nave (circa1175)
1200 Vicars with life-long tenancy established
1200 Rebuilding included expansion and a south aisle to accommodate guild chapels .
1200 Major developments through the period were funded by wealthy wool merchants who endowed the chantries and guild chapels
1200 start of long programme of renovation and re-building
1222 February 8th thunder storm with a lightning strike caused extensive fire.
1223 -1231 Bononius, chaplain - vicar of North Grantham
1225 -1234 Richard of Newerc, chaplain (priest) - Vicar of South Grantham


1175 Great North Road comes through Grantham. Prosperity from wool trade More info
1200 8 "vinitores" fined for selling wine in false amounts
1200 Knights Templar owned the Angel Inn More info
1203 King John stayed at the Angel Inn (1203, 1209 & 1213)
1205 King John bestowed the town on Earl de Warenne, who also owned Stamford
1218 Rich woolman, John de Ferrour grazed animals in the Earl's Fields and owned 4 shops in Grantham


1189 -1199 Richard I (Coeur de Lion)
1190 Richard led the third Crusade
1199 -1216 King John
1209 Pope excommunicates John
1215 Magna Carta drawn up by Barons and the Archbishop of Canterbury to limit the King’s power
1216 -1272 Henry III king - he supported learning, the arts and architecture.
1216 John dies at Newark Castle


Richard I Crowned 1189 Died 1199 1192 Richard captured while on crusade Plantagenet
John Crowned 1199 Died 1216 1215 Signing of Magna Carta Plantagenet
Henry III Crowned 1216 Died 1272 1258 First English Parliament Plantagenet