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1312 town granted charter by John de Warenne

More Detail town given power to appoint aldermen and use de Warenne coat of arms

1277 -1302 John of Hennington/St Neots, priest - Vicar of South Grantham
1280 Tower building started, displacing Market Place moved to present site
1283 -1291 William of Hakburn, Chaplain - vicar of North Grantham
1290 North porch built - now the visitor centre
1291 -1294 Henry of Dittenshale - vicar of North Grantham
1294 -1306 Robert of Thorpe - Vicar of North Grantham
1298 Disputes over ancient custom that after funeral, candles surrounding the corpse, were appropriated to the clergy (1298 & 1301)
1302 -1335 Walter - Vicar of North Grantham
1306 -1316 William of Aysleston, Chaplain - Vicar of North Grantham
1316 -1317 Thomas Moysant of Croxton, priest - Vicar of North Grantham
1317 -1328 Richard Blound of Grantham Chaplain - Vicar of North Grantham


1275 Franciscan friary founded in Grantham - the Greyfriars. They settled only in 'important' places (circa 1275)
1280 Market Place moved from West end of church and Market Cross erected
1290 Erection of stone Eleanor Cross on St Peter's Hill
1290 December 4th Edward I brought the body of Queen Eleanor to rest the night.
1310 Grantham's greatest wool merchant, John of Grantham, advised Edward II on problems of international trade, and became Lord Mayor of London
1312 town granted charter by John de Warenne More info
1314 Fresh running water piped to Market Place by Franciscans


1282 Edward conquers Wales
1290 Jews banished on financial, political and religious grounds. Property seized
1295 Model Parliament : the first with elected members from towns and counties
1296 Edward subdues Scotland
1301 Edward's eldest son created Prince of Wales
1307 -1327 Edward II


Edward II Crowned 1307 Died 1327 1314 Battle of Bannockburn Plantagenet