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1312 town granted charter by John de Warenne

More Detail town given power to appoint aldermen and use de Warenne coat of arms

1302 -1335 Walter - Vicar of North Grantham
1306 -1316 William of Aysleston, Chaplain - Vicar of North Grantham
1316 -1317 Thomas Moysant of Croxton, priest - Vicar of North Grantham
1317 -1328 Richard Blound of Grantham Chaplain - Vicar of North Grantham
1328 -1335 John - Vicar of North Grantham
1330 1330 Second storey put in North Porch. Sacred Relics displayed in upper room with two staircases for the entry and exit of the many pilgrims, the roof was raised and the heavily decorated doorway into the church much mutilated. More info
1335 -1352 Robert of Wilyen - Vicar of South Grantham
1335 -1345 Henry of Pirie - Vicar of North Grantham
1345 -1349 Thomas of Chelry - Vicar of North Grantham
1349 -1376 Geoffrey of Wilyen, priest - Vicar of North Grantham
1350 The Guild of Corpus Christi chapel was used by the town’s administration for municipal elections and specifically to elect the new Alderman or mayor. More info
1350 Small altars and chapels all round the church were used by the chantries and guild.
1350 Stone rood screen built from North to south across the church interior. On top were a crucifix, an altar and figures of Mary and John , all donated by a rich wool merchant named Roger of Woolsthorpe. A stone staircase still remains.
1350 Lady Chapel built over two vaulted crypts whose access was from the churchyard. In the crypt, the medieval stone altar and footplace are still in position. More info


1310 Grantham's greatest wool merchant, John of Grantham, advised Edward II on problems of international trade, and became Lord Mayor of London
1312 town granted charter by John de Warenne More info
1314 Fresh running water piped to Market Place by Franciscans
1327 Grantham Bailiffs went to York to consult with the King
1328 a hospital founded - St. Margaret's (possibly a leper hospital?)
1329 Walter Pigot, earliest recorded master of grammar school
1350 Present gateway of the Angel built showing heads of Edward III and Queen Philippa on the hood-mould.


1301 Edward's eldest son created Prince of Wales
1307 -1327 Edward II
1327 -1377 Edward III
1337 1337 Hundred Years War against France
1348 Battle of Crecy - Victory over France
1348 Order of the Garter founded. St. George proclaimed England’s patron Saint.
1348 1348 The Black Death. Decimated the population. Restricted commerce and trade.
1350 Wool trade in decline.


Edward II Crowned 1307 Died 1327 1314 Battle of Bannockburn Plantagenet
Edward III Crowned 1327 Died 1377 1347-1351 Black Death Plantagenet