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1091 Lands and endowments of the church granted to St Osmund and by him given to his new cathedral at Old Sarum - the beginning of a long association with Salisbury. Salisbury appointed 2 vicars - North and South Grantham
1100 Larger church developed - cruciform plan, possibly 140 feet long, wide nave as now, rounded arches and 6 pillars remain today, narrow side aisles with lean-to roofs. Evidence of clerestory windows


1086 -1086 Domesday Survey: Church, 4 watermills, population about 1300 More info
1100 Henry I's daughter, Matilda, held the manor.


1050 Kesteven was Anglo-Danish
1052 -1065 Westminster Abbey rebuilt
1066 Tower of London built
1066 -1086 Feudal System introduced
1066 nearly all land in Lincolnshire passed from Anglo/Scandinavian lords to Norman tenants-in-chief
1066 -1085 William I - the first Norman king
1066 Battle of Hastings
1066 -1066 Harold II king
1078 Domesday Survey
1085 -1100 William II - king
1087 Durham Cathedral built
1093 First Crusade - the first of nine wars to liberate the Holy Land from Islamic rule.
1100 -1135 Henry I king


William 1 Crowned 1066 Died 1087 1086 Doomsday Book Norman
William II Crowned 1087 Died 1100 1100 William II was killed in the New Forest Norman
Henry I Crowned 1100 Died 1135 1120 King's son and heir drowned Norman