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1902 -1902 Reredos enlarged, designed by Walter Tapper
1905 -1910 Welbore McCarthy D.D., Vicar
1906 Organ rebuilt by Norman & Beard. Oak case designed by water Tapper
1910 -1917 Wm Isaac Carr Smith, Vicar
1916 -1916 Insurance against damage by enemy aircraft cost 54 for 60,000 cover
1917 -1928 Bernard Walter Hancock, Vicar More info
1920 Glaister Window by Kempe More info
1922 The four bottom niches on the West Front were filled with statues More info
1928 -1933 Algernon Augustus Markham M.A., Vicar
1931 Hutchinson window by Kempe & Co More info
1933 -1939 Geoffrey Hodgson Ward M.A., Vicar
1939 -1958 Charles Harold Leeke M.A., Vicar
1941 The Bishop of Lincoln attended the funerals of the first air raid victims in Grantham
1946 The bells were taken down and recast
1946 The top 40ft of the spire was removed and rebuilt


1901 Grantham's Population was over 17,000
1906 A rail crash just outside Grantham station killed 14, injured 17.
1907 St Anne's Church New Somerby rebuilt
1915 Edith Smith became Britain's first official policewoman with powers of arrest More info
1915 Machine Gun Corps founded in Grantham
1916 Grantham's first purpose-built cinema, the Picture House on St Peter's Hill
1922 49% of the working population was unemployed
1922 Severe flooding when the River Witham and the Mowbeck burst their banks
1925 Margaret Hilda Roberts, later Margaret Thatcher, born at North Parade, Grantham
1926 Purpose-built Library & Museum built on St Peter's Hill
1929 Baptist Church on Wharf Rd rebuilt
1930 Size of Grantham increased by 1,000 hectares More info
1931 The population was 19,630, slightly lower than in 1911
1939 -1945 386 alerts, almost 3,000 properties destroyed and nearly 100 people killed in Grantham during WWII More info
1941 -1942 Headquarters of No 5 Group Bomber Command in Grantham


1900 Foundation of the British Labour Party
1903 First flight by Wright brothers
1904 -1914 Suffragette activity, to gain votes for women, at its height in England
1904 -1914 Panama Canal constructed successfully
1906 -1909 Social reforms, including unemployment exchanges, free school meals and pensions for over 70's.
1908 -1927 Model T Ford Car
1914 -1918 First World War
1929 Collapse of New York Stock Market, beginning of world economic depression
1939 -1945 Second World War
1946 First meeting of the United Nations General Assembly
1948 Gandhi assassinated in New Delhi


Edward VII Crowned 1901 Died 1910 1904 Entente Cordiale Saxe-Coburg Gotha
George V Crowned 1910 Died 1936 1914-1918 World War I Windsor
Edward VIII Crowned 1936 Died 1936 1936 Abdication of Edward VIII Windsor
George VI Crowned 1936 Died 1952 1939-1945 World War II Windsor